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Selected Case Studies

Here are a few selected case studies that showcase the services and solutions that AlyData has delivered for its clients.  The primary purpose of sharing these is to give you some insights into our capabilities and our ability to deliver complex engagements against aggressive deadlines.

Analytics - Data Science


Industry Vertical: Speciality Healthcare


Problem Definition: Analyse ICE Electonic Medical Records, Claims and Clinical Data for entire population of US Physicians from Center For Medicaid and Medicare and American Hospital Assocition. Benchmark procedures and claims by Physicians in this practice to other practices across the nation.  Consider mortality, morbidity and quality of care in the analysis and determine correlation between Physician Skill level and outcome of procedures.


AlyData Solution: AlyData partnered with PluralSoft to acquire the data from various sources, analyse this big data set using complex statistical analysis, engaged with Medical Subject Matter Experts to fine tune the statistical models, review the results and iteratively work through it, till all stakeholders were convinced that we got it right.


Deliverables: (1) Detailed Project Plan, (2) Data Mapping Documents, (3) Recommendations for Billing and Coding Process Optimisation (4) Statistical Models and their outputs (5) Physician Benchmarking data.

Strategic Data Management and ERP


Industry Vertical: Healthcare (Nuclear Medicine)


Problem Definition: Illinois Health and Science acquired IBA, a firm that specilliased in Nuclear Medicine.  IHS engaged AlyData for two specific assignments - (1) To develop an Analytics strategy and CFO Dashboard for IHS and (2) Project manage the implementation of a new SAP ERP application, its integration with a Nuclear Pharmacy Management System and the data conversion and migration.


AlyData Solution: The AlyData team engaged stakeholders across IHS and its subsidiaries to develop the Analytics strategy and CFO Dashboard, using a combination of data virtualisation, business intelligence and data science. The ERP team project managed the SAP implementation and the requisite data conversion and migration, against a very aggressive deadline. 


Deliverables: (1) Analytics strategy document, (2) Analytics Center of Excellence Plan and Model, (3) CFO Dashboard (4) Project Plan for SAP (5) Data Conversion and Migration Plan and Execution (6) Post implementation deployment.

Strategic Data Management - MDM


Industry Vertical: Fortune 100 Financial Services


Problem Definition: Develop Business Case, MDM Strategy, Architecture, Tool Evaluation and Project Plan for Customer and Product domains. 


AlyData Solution: The AlyData team engaged stakeholders across the clients 8 divisions to get buy-in for Master Data Management for two domains.  Assisted the cilent's business SMEs to develop the Business Case for MDM and obtained funding.  Subsequently, the MDM Strategy, Architecture, Tool Evaluation and Project Plan for the two domains were delivered.  AlyData's MDM experts worked with the MDM vendor's professional services staff to deliver the project.  


Deliverables: (1) MDM Business Case, (2) MDM Tool Evaluation, (3) MDM Project Plan (4) MDM Product Implementation (5) MDM Delivery.

M&A Due Diligence - IT and Data

Industry Vertical: Healthcare

Problem Definition: DMH's parent company Illinois Health and Science acquired a European firm that specilliased in Nuclear Medicine and engaged AlyData to conduct the pre- and post acquisition due diligence for IT and Data assets, including the state of their Cybersecurity infrastructure. 


AlyData Solution: AlyData deployed a team of experts that reviewed pertinent documentation provided by the company being acquired, interviewed their senior staff and conducted targeted surveys.  Used AlyData's proprietary due dligence methodology, templates and checklists. 


Deliverables:  Capture the results of the investigation, identified areas of risk and weakness and summarized the key findings to IHS senior management and Board.

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